How to Use Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin is as simple as opening your wallet app, and either sending money or giving your bitcoin address to someone so they can send you money.

You can have multiple addresses, for individual reasons if you’d like to.

There are many different wallet apps, for any kind of device. To download one, head over to and choose a wallet app for the device you wish to use for your bitcoin management.

Bitcoin is very similar to email in the way it works from the users perspective. You get someones bitcoin address, and you can send them money by sending bitcoin to their bitcoin address. You can also give someone one of your bitcoin addresses for them to send money to you. The address you use can be thought of as the public address to what’s called a “private key”. The private key is what you need to keep private to keep your bitcoin under your control, as anyone with it, can steal your bitcoin potentially. Much like if someone gets your credit card number, your private key is your private information.


Where it can begin to get complicated is when you are dealing with online accounts at various companies.

A growing number of bitcoin related companies allow you send money into an account you have with their system. It’s vital to note that you will have apparent control over the money in this account, but this is where it gets risky. You are essentially placing cash in someone elses hand and trusting them with it while you do whatever it is you are doing.

Year after year, scammers come and go in the Bitcoin industry. It’s important to remember that unless you have the private key  to the address that holds your bitcoin (your own wallet app), you do not control those bitcoin.