5 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

5 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Everybody loves having extra cash on hand! And it's relatively easy to earn that pocket money in real life; but it's undeniable that obtaining Bitcoin

Everybody loves having extra cash on hand! And it’s relatively easy to earn that pocket money in real life; but it’s undeniable that obtaining Bitcoin can require a substantial amount of effort. As Bitcoin slips further into the mainstream and it’s adoption broadens, the possibility of having most, if not all, of your income collected as Bitcoin becomes more of a reality with every passing block. But if asking your McManager for your paychecks to be written on QR codes is out of the question, here are five ways you can earn bitcoin:

1. Side-work

Anyone with employable skills can earn themselves some Bitcoin by offering their services or applying to advertisements on job post forums. There is an abundance of work available on both the subreddit Jobs4Bitcoins, as well as in the Services section of the Bitcointalk forums. There are a wide variety of skills being sought out for hire: from web designer, to highly technical IT jobs, to journalistic opportunities, to simply odering pizza on someone’s behalf. Doing someone else’s bidding can be highly profitable, but be weary of advertisements which seem too good to be true, and do your research on the poster of the ad via forum and web search. A little effort can go a long way in avoiding being scammed.

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Work for Bitcoin at reddit.com/r/jobs4bitcoins

2. Online Sales

Selling goods online sounds like a lucrative opportunity, and can be rewarding both financially and emotionally, but is a highly competitive arena. The beauty of the age we live in today includes the ability to receive payment from somebody whom you’ve never met from halfway across the world almost instantly. However, if setting up your own shop isn’t your cup of tea, advertisements can be posted on Bitcoin auction sites like bitify as well as sales forums, like the Goods board found at Bitcointalk. To protect yourself from theft and fraud, 2-of-3 multisig escrow should be used whenever possible. Multisig is considered an advanced application of the Bitcoin protocol, and relatively difficult to master. It is, however, extremely efficient measure of security and is highly recommended.

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Auction out your stuff at Bitify.com

3. Signature Campaigns

For those who are or would like to become active participants in the Bitcointalk forums, up to $25 in free Bitcoin can be earned by engaging in online community discussion after signing up for a signature campaign; many of which can be found here (link). Participation includes simply displaying an advertisement in your user signature, and providing a report to the campaign manager. Guidelines are typically poasted alongside the advertisement, and include minimum number of posts per forum topic, as well as requirement of membership status. Post quality is considered an asset and nonsense posts, including off-topic remarks and flaming, will likely be excluded from your payable posts. Above all, remember to follow the forum rules.

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Earn Bitcoin with your forum signature

4. Surveys and Pay-per-click

The easiest way to earn free Bitcoin is likely the least paying method available, but shouldn’t be disregarded as an earning source. When combining multiple sources of pay-per-click and survey sites, earnings can reach upwards of $5 to $10 per week. Survey sites will pay users for completing surveys and testing mobile apps. Some survey sites, like CoinBucks.io, offer a bonus incentive of up to 8% extra rewards based on a tier system, while others like CoinTasker.com include a community forum, faucets, pay-to-listen radio, and many more ways to earn free Bitcoin. Pay-per-click sites like Bitvisitor.com reward users free Bitcoin for simply filling out a captcha or watching an advertisement video. Other faucets like Freebitco.in roll dice and pay lucky winners up to $200 in free Bitcoin. It’s important to stress the fact that advertisements and promotions on these sites often source from third party vendors, and have been known to contain questionable and/or viral material. Use your judgement when filling out applications, and never disclose and sensitive personal information to unknown websites.

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Free Bitcoin at Coinstaker

5. Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are similar to signature campaigns, but aren’t limited to forum signatures. Referral programs work by paying the advertiser a commission off user signups or purchases. For people with a working knowledge of website creation, setting up a website or blog aimed at serving these affiliate advertisements can be done on a reasonable budget and timeline. Examples of these kinds of affiliate directory websites are shown here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Bitcoin_Affiliate_Programs, http://getbtcnow.net/referral-and-affiliate-programs/, https://bitcoinhelp.net/get/earn-bitcoins/massive-list-of-bitcoin-affiliate-programs. For us non-techies, applying the signature campaing technique and posting to forums and social media can be an effective way to increase views. To be a successful affiliate, try to keep your advertising medium relevant to the content that you’re serving. For example, you’re less likely to get clicks for a floral shop ad posted on an NRA forum than if it were shown on a gardening forum. As always, be careful of what information you reveal about yourself, and always be excellent when mingling in public forums.

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Earn Bitcoin by becoming a Website Affiliate

Combined with a little time and effort, these tools will provide you with the stepping stones needed to amass your fortune.